Small Claims R US currently offers it's clients two distinct services.

Firstly, we offer a STREAM-LINED SERVICE which will get your claim to court, the fees are reduced to take in to consideration that the Claimant would process any court administrative document after Small Claims R US has submitted your claim to the court for you. Small Claims R US also offers the Claimant use of 7 HELP GUIDES which are designed especially for the layman. Once you have instructed our firm on this service we will send to you your own individual 'USER NAME' and 'PASSWORD', which will enable you to download any or all of our HELP GUIDES.

The second service offers a TOTAL COMPREHENSIVE package, which would involve Small Claims R US processing your claim from the beginning to recovery. We would undertake the drafting of all your court documentation, including the filling out of court forms for you such as the Allocation Questionnaire, drafting Case Summary, Pre-Trial Checklist, Court Bundle and spend time discussing case strategy at your hearing.


The 'STREAMLINE SERVICE' is designed for claimants who would like their claim professionally drafted and submitted to the county court for them, after which they would then be able to use our extenstive 7 HELP GUIDES, to help them fill in and submit the subsequent court administrative forms.   For claims with a value of £1,000 - £5,000 the ADMIN FEE is £195, claims with a value from £5,001 - £10,000 the ADMIN FEE is £295, claims with a value from £10,001 - £15,000 is £395. ADMIN FEE for claims with a value over £15,000 is on advisement.  There is also a 25% COMMISSION FEE of any recovered funds which has been received by you.  We should mention that our Commission fee of 25% is only payable when you have received recovery.

However, many claims are settled prior to the requirement to issue proceedings and you may well not be required to find any outlay. You will nevertheless still be liable to pay our fees.

The Small Claims R US support service

Small Claims R US will write for you a 'LETTER BEFORE ACTION' against your debtor. If that does not result in a recovery, we would then draft a 'PARTICULARS OF CLAIM' for you on your case and then submit with a completed N1 court form plus any accompanying documents to the Court. Our extensive 7 'HELP GUIDES' will enable you to prepare any other administrative court documents which you might be required to submit to the court. With the assistance of our 'HELP GUIDES' you will have all the information at your 'finger tips' that will enable you to successfully finish off your claim and obtain a recovery.

What do I get for my Administration Fee on the 'STREAM-LINE' service?

Our firm will draft for you a LETTER BEFORE ACTION, and if the letter does not result in a recovery of any monies, we would then draft a 'PARTICULARS OF CLAIM' for you, on your particular claim.  We will then submit the POC which we have written for you and a completed N1 county court form with accompanying documents, to a county court.  If proceedings are issued (because the Defendant does not pay up after a LETTER BEFORE ACTION) the Claimant must pay the Court fee as listed when submitting the N1 to the Court.   The court fees are listed within the court fee page and will be added to your claim.  The court fee will be refunded to you on the successful conclusion of your claim by the County Court.  Any further documents that you might need on your particular claim can be obtained by downloading our comprehensive list of '7 Help Documents' which are designed specifically to help you through the next administrative stages, of your claim.   All our 'Help Guides' are in Word, and therefore can easily be downloaded by simply typing in your own 'SECURITY CODE', which we can send to you by e-mail or post.  The security code for the 'Help Guides' consists of a username and password.

[Your OWN username and password will be sent to you once our firm has successfully received back from you a signed copy of our 'Terms & Conditions' and your 'Admin Fee.]

The Help Guides are made up as follows:-

For viewing Adobe PDF files including the above documents, you can install Adobe Reader from here.


Small Claims R US offer this service for the hard pressed businesman who simply do not have the time to deal with the time consuming job of filling out court forms, drafting case summaries, creating case bundles and / or the individual who would have the 'peace of mind' of a professional organisation handling their claim from the beginning to recovery. An ADMINISTRATION FEE of £295.00 within the comprehensive package is payable upon receiving claim with a value from £1,000 - 5,000. For claims with a value from £5,001 - £10,000 there is an ADMINISTRATION FEE of £395, for claims with a value of £10,001 - £15,000 there is an ADMINISTRATION FEE of £495. The ADMINISTRATION FEE for claims exceeding £15,001 will be on advisement. All claims processed under the Comprehensive Package have a 20% commission payable on any recovered funds. Our 20% Commission fee is only payable when you have received recovery.

Allowable Fixed Costs on judgment

Other fixed costs which can be added to the claim are for the entry of Judgment.


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